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Traveling Boutique

A Shopping Experience That Pays

 Our Traveling Boutique is the perfect way to earn extra money during the Holidays or anytime.  We encourage you to grab your family and friends for an intimate shopping experience that beats the department store and offers much more.   Our boutique is equipped to meet every style, from chic, to casual and even sexy if you dare.  We carry handbags, accessories, jewelry, and travel luggage.  Trust us; as a host, you will be happy to offer your guest BEAUTY U R.  Depending on the type of party chosen, a Host will receive up to 30% of total sales.  This is a considerable incentive we are offering along with discounts on a 360-party package of GOLD or higher.  Check out our unique parties below and get yours set up by completing our information form at the bottom of this page.

Image by Trình Minh Thư

Charming Party

Our Charming Party is good for small intimate gatherings of up to 2-5 friends.  This party allows the host to shop up to $250.00 worth of merchandise from our boutique.  The merchandise is brought to the party and you and your guest can shop from these items.  The total sales of your party will earn you 10%.

Summary of What's Included:

  • Up to $250 worth of Boutique Merchandise 

  • Fashion Icebreaker Games

  • Boutique Available for up to 2 hours

  • Receive 10% of Final Sales

  • Online sales available

Beautiful Party

The Beautiful Party is recommended for at least 5-10 guest.  The host has the option to shop up to $500.00 in merchandise from our boutique. The merchandise is brought to the party for host and guest to shop.  Earn 20% of total party sales.  

Summary of What's Included:

  • Up to $500 of boutique merchandise

  • Fashion Icebreaker Games

  • Available for up to 3 hours

  • 20% of Final Sales to Party Host

  • $100 off 360 Party Package *Gold & Above*

  • Online Sales Available

Image by Marcus Loke
Fashion Store Manager

Lavish Party

The Lavish Party is recommended for 10 or more guest.  This party allows the Party Host to shop up to $1000 in merchandise from BEAUTY U R boutique.  The merchandise will be brought to the party for Host and Guest to shop.  The Host can earn 30% of total sales.

Summary of What's Included:

  • Up to $1000 of BEAUTY U R merchandise available during your party

  • Fashion icebreaker games

  • Earn 30% of total of sales

  • Available for up to 4 hours

  • $175.00 off your Gold and above 360 party package

  • Online sales avaialble

Let's Party

We are looking forward to your party. Someone will be with you soon to work out the details.

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